Barracuda Buyback

Industry-Leading Asset Disposition Program

Technology is improving and evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, organizations have devices that depreciate or are at end of life. Barracuda Buyback is the leading Buyback Broker. We do the heavy lift to source and quote the most aggressive offer to buyback your decommissioned assets. We seamlessly quote and present all the preferred ITAD Players allowing you to get paid directly or receive Buyback Dollars on account with your preferred VAR or MSP Partner.

Barracuda Buyback Benefits

One Stop Shop

We take pride in being vendor agnostic and only offering providers based on their certifications, reputation and risk mitigation.

Logistical Support

Whether the project requires us onsite to prepare the shipment, you doing it yourself or coordinating a contactless white-glove collection, we can handle it.

Data Security

We leverage industry leading diagnostic and destruction programs to ensure every device is data wipe certified. We also provide detailed reporting to meet your compliance needs.

Recoup Costs

After your assets are decommissioned and reporting is finalized; get paid directly or receive capital on account with your preferred VAR or MSP Partner.

Barracuda Buyback Process

  • Step 1

    Buyback is initiated by requesting a quote and supplying the asset specs.

  • Step 2

    Our custom buyback quote and buyback scenario is provided within the 72-hour SLA.

  • Step 3

    Devices are either shipped or picked up via our ITAD Provider.

  • Step 4

    Upon inspection, Barracuda will guarantee 14-day net payment terms which can then be used to purchase new assets or reduce TCO.

Barracuda Buyback Provider Difference

  • All Providers are R2 or RIOS Certified and heavily evaluated before joining our portfolio.
  • All Providers Data Wipe and Certify assets to NIST 800-88 Standards.
  • All Providers can provide detailed reporting for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Our offer is not predicated on the actual resale of the assets meaning swift payment terms of 14 days.
  • Shipping is always included.
  • We do not require contracts and there are zero processing fees.
  • All providers can process incremental or bulk orders. No minimum.
  • White Glove Service upon request - Pack, Palletize and Shipping.
  • All Providers have a NO Landfill policy.
  • Our providers strive to reduce, reuse and recycle decommissioned assets.
  • We provide the carbon-impact equivalent for your retired assets.